Our Story

One day, around the time when the 🌎 turned upside down forcing everyone to self-isolate and keep-apart, our team came together with a simple mission: 

bring (back) kaif into our lives 💖
But what is “kaif”?

Simply put - kaif is pleasure, exhilaration, happiness, a state of pure joy and euphoria. Each of us must feel it to cope with problems and daily challenges, or to achieve new heights and self-fulfillment. 


Our goal is to democratize it. Our goal is to supply kaif to everyone. Period.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you reside, how you go on in life - feeling kaif regularly is essential, it is healthy, it is what is needed to keep you sane and happy. Especially in times like these.

Kaif is meant for each of us, despite the race, sex, financial status or whatever it may be. No discrimination. it is an urge, an instinct, something we,humans, always look forward to. It is time to lift the curtain, to break the stigma and to start exploring the ways of how it can be achieved.

That is what we, Team at Kaif Supply, are ought to do - build a place where this pleasure, happiness, euphoria can be found in all shapes and sizes. At an affordable price. Anonymously delivered to your doorstep. One-stop-store for your pleasure and sexual exploration!

We have taken our first steps towards that with the launch of www.kaif.supply. We already provide 1000+ highest-quality products from more than a 100 most well-known brands, for welcoming prices, delivered globally within a matter of days, but it is just the beginning.

🚀 Are you with us on this journey to bring kaif to our lives? 🚀